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Corporate Profile

BRINE SA is one of the best, most successful Swiss IT Consultancy enterprises, whose prosperity is founded on the following basic principles:

  • • A focus on both customer and consultant needs
  • A leveraging of 35 years of experience in resourcing swiss IT projects
  • • A harmonious combination of service, quality and price, a recipe whose success has been proven by repeated customer inquiries and spontaneous consultant applications for possible positions with us
  • • A long-standing, experienced management and administration team, whose thorough business know-how provides for a solid leadership, a reliable management and an efficient execution of administrative processes.
  • • A competent marketing and sales team with many years of experience in the IT industry, thereby allowing a comprehensive understanding of customer requirements and a targeted response to satisfy them
  • • A very solid, stable financial position, independent from any third parties, banks or investors with special interests

  • Through concentration on its core business, BRINE SA is excellently placed to build on an already significant market position. BRINE SA has repeatedly passed the formal swissPRM quality certification with flying colours, and has an excellent reputation in the quality of its IT specialists, as well as its business ethics. Our uncomplicated honesty and trustworthiness is confirmed and valued from all sides; by customers, who are pleased to use several of our consultants, and by consultants, who repeatedly take on assignments from us and recommend us to their colleagues. This success has resulted in us having been selected by the business magazine “Bilanz” as one of the top 50 KMU’s in Switzerland, and our “membership” to Computerworld’s “Top 300 Swiss IT and Telecom Enterprises”.

  • Since 2012 BRINE SA is ISO 9001:2008 certified.


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